Inside Asia Tours: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos


Travel with InsideAsia Tours to experience the Southeast Asia of postcards. Expect orange-robed monks, tropical fruit, golden Khmer temples, lush rice paddies, tuk tuks, traditional wooden boats and coconut curries served on banana leaves.

Flocks of people visit Cambodia to see the awe-inspiring jungle-clad temples of Angkor, but a vacation here offers so much more to visitors with a little more time to explore. Explore teetering stilt villages on Tonlé Sap lake, palaces and colonial heritage in capital Phnom Penh, golden beaches on the country's islands and jungle-treks in remote areas. After all that adventure, fill up on delicious Khmer cuisine and learn about the country's rich cultural heritage. With an InsideAsia trip to Cambodia, you won't miss a thing. Get in touch with our friendly team to start planning.

  • With ancient UNESCO sites, colonial towns, tropical jungles, serene rivers and idyllic islands, Cambodia is an enchanting destination. However, it's the inquisitive Khmer people that make you fall in love with this magical country.
    Chis Greener - Senior Southeast Asia Product Executive
  • Siem Reap

    The laid-back, low-rise town of Siem Reap sits on the edge of one of the world's most iconic historical wonders – the jungle-entwined ruins of Angkor. If you tire of temples the vast expanse of Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia's largest lake is nearby, home to rare birdlife and stilted villages.

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  • Phnom Penh

    Once known as the Pearl of the Orient, Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh is a lively and engaging city, which is in the process of regaining its former glory following the dark days of the Khmer Rouge regime.

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  • Battambang

    Well-preserved French Colonial architecture complemented by a bucolic landscape of rice paddies, temples and villages. Explore Angkorian ruins perched atop rocky promontaries, jump on the famous rickety Bamboo Train or drift down to great Tonle Sap.

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  • Kep

    The quiet fishing town of Kep, famed for its excellent crab, makes a relaxing seaside stop and is the gateway to a number of small, palm-fringed islands

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  • Sihanoukville

    Cambodia's most popular seaside destination is Sihanoukville, a bustling port town with lovely beaches and easy access to a number of delightful, unspoilt islands that offer great opportunities for day trips, snorkelling and diving.

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  • Kratie

    An old colonial town on the Mekong River not far from the Laos border, Kratie is one of the few places left for spotting the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin.

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  • Koh Kong

    Located close to the Thai border in western Cambodia, Koh Kong is the gateway to the beautiful natural region of the Cardamom and Elephant Mountains.

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  • Kampong Thom

    Stopover town for those travelling between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, boasting pre-Angkorian temples. Ancient Sambor Prei Kuk was the precursor to the celebrated temples of Angkor, and if your explorations make you peckish visit nearby Skuon, roasted tarantula capital of Cambodia.

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  • Mondulkiri

    Home to the renowned Walking with Elephants Project, and base for excellent remote trekking, Mondulkiri is a destination for the adventurous travelling seeking out the unspoilt corners of Asia.

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  • Stung Treng

    Although the town of Stung Treng may not have much to divert the visitor heading to or from the Laos border, the delightful countryside nearby, bisected by the Mekong and San Rivers, is home to some excellent sustainable tourism projects justifying a little extra time.

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  • Botum Sakor National Park

    Just four hours from Phnom Penh lies Botum Sakor National Park, a pristine wilderness and haven for all of Cambodia's endangered mammals.

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  • Kampot

    The quaint and charming riverside town of Kampot provides some of Cambodia's best faded remnants of the French colonial era.

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  • Southern Cardamom National Park

    Just three hours from Phnom Penh lies the 1 million-acre wilderness and wildlife haven of the Southern Cardamom National Park.

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  • Koh Krabey

    One of Cambodia's best-kept secrets, the private island of Koh Krabey is a small, but incredible, untouched paradise.

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