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Holidays to South Korea

South Korea somehow escaped the attention of international travellers for far too long, but the secret is now out – people are now coming from all over to see and enjoy this charming, quirky, super-friendly little slice of the Far East.

Our holidays to South Korea offer a journey into the rarest of the rare: a country that’s packed to bursting with quirks, charm and cultural riches, but that still – for now – feels like something of a joyous secret.

Of course, with its K-pop megastars, Oscar-winning films, and a cuisine becoming more popular by the year, it’s only a matter of time before Hallyu, the so-called “Korean Wave”, sweeps the globe. And now could be the perfect opportunity to ride on its crest with our tailor-made South Korea holidays.

Spend some time travelling the peninsula and you’ll find that South Korea – or just plain “Korea”, to absolutely everyone here – is by turns ambitiously hi-tech and captivatingly traditional, densely populated while mostly mountainous and covered in pine trees. You know that old “land of contrasts” cliché? Well, this is one country where it really does pass muster.

While the cherry blossoms viewing spots, the hiking trails and the tantalising food that may draw you here, it’s the unprepared-for things – the intriguing folklore, 5,000 years' worth of palpable history, and the gregarious, garrulous locals that’ll really capture your heart during one of our South Korea holidays. Beyond the mainland's vibrant culture, natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, your journey wouldn't be complete without a detour to experience the unique charm of South Korea's beloved gem; visit Jeju Island promising an unforgettable addition to your South Korean adventure. Don't just dream about the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and rich South Korea history; make it a reality. Embark on an unforgettable journey where every moment is a discovery. Discover South Korea's top destinations and magic peninsula firsthand with our expertly designed holidays to South Korea.

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Whatever draws you to South Korea, we can hook you up with insider experiences to get you right to the heart of the culture. From foodie explorations of Seoul to K-pop dance classes, traditional hanok guesthouse stays and nerve-jangling tours of the infamous DMZ, each of our excursions are tried, tested, and approved by us – not to mention led by some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people around.

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