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Our favourite South Korea routes to inspire your trip - or contact us to start from scratch

There’s no one single way to “do” Korea – even if you stayed here for years, you’d still be discovering new things. However, you can still get a real feel for what this unique place is all about if you only have a couple of weeks – or even just a few days.

Between them, the itineraries in this section cover all of Korea’s most fascinating places, and even its most rewarding experiences – you could be doing anything from giving traditional archery a try in an ancient fortress, to learning how to make kimchi or makgeolli rice beer, to stepping across the North Korean border at the creepy DMZ.

However, we design cultural adventures around your tastes and ideas, so tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll tailor your journey to a T.

Food & Drink

Bibimbap and BBQ take on sushi and ramen in this showdown between Japan and Korea: two giants of the gastronomic world.


Vast cities, lush countryside, hyper-charged pop culture and superlative food: Japan and Korea are a classic combo.


Whatever you’ve seen during your stay in Korea, a side-trip to Jeju Island will be the cherry on top. Koreans absolutely love the place (if you want proof, Seoul-to-Jeju is the world’s busiest flight route) – and you probably will too.


If you’d like a trip that’s low on intensity but high on interest, this one’s for you – focusing on three contrasting destinations, it keeps travel time to a minimum. Though you’ll be taken to all the best sights, you’ll also have plenty of time in each place to simply do your own thing.


Short on time but keen for a glimpse of South Korea? This trip packs a punch, giving as strong a flavour of the country as you can get in five days. It’s a Seoul stopover, but you’ll get to escape the city too.


South Korea might not look so big on a map, but over the course of almost two weeks, this trip will show you that its size doesn’t matter at all – there’s simply so much to see here, and you’ll be hitting all the top spots.

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Our favourite places in South Korea

A pine-covered peninsula of undulating mountains and emerald rice paddies, fringed with beaches and surrounded by a confetti-like sprinkling of islands: Korea may be the world’s second-most densely populated country after Bangladesh, but it’s not all ceaseless urbanity (though Seoul and Busan offer city-slicking opportunities aplenty).

Here's our guide to the best known, plus some lesser known favourites.

Colourful buildings alongside fishing port in Busan
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