New year, new brochure, new adventures

New brochure

2016 may have been an annus horribilis for many, but certainly not at Inside Vietnam Tours – where we’ve grown our team, explored even more corners of Southeast Asia, and sent hundreds more people to our favourite part of the world. Our beautiful new brochure is testament to everything we've learnt.

Our Vietnam product expert Vicky explored the far north of Vietnam’s Ha Giang Province, with its starkly beautiful mountains and lush rice terraces. Charlotte took the slow boat from Thailand into Laos to explore the northern countryside. Liam celebrated 20 years of World Heritage in Luang Prabang and discovered Cambodia’s monumental Preah Vihear Temple. Amy took a whirlwind trip through the three countries of Indochina, Jocelyn relaxed in Laos, and I went trekking through the depths of Vietnam’s Phong Nha National Park. And that was just the beginning of our adventures!

All this wasn’t for nothing, and our beautiful, brand-new brochure bears the fruit of all that “labour”. Packed full of new experiences, itineraries, accommodation and big juicy pictures, it’s our most exciting offering yet – but don’t worry, the classics are all still there too, with a few tweaks and improvements.

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Luang Prabang celebrated 20 years of World Heritage status in 2016What’s new?

Northward bound

After returning from a superb trip to Vietnam’s northern highlands, Vicky was quick to put together a great new itinerary introducing this remote region of the country. Far away from the tourist trail, the far north of Vietnam is quite unlike anywhere else in the country – with landscapes ranging from lush lakes and rainforest to green rice paddies, steep-sided mountains, and even surreal rocky plateaus that wouldn’t look out of place on the moon.

Our Northern Star itinerary introduces this amazing region, including homestays with the local hill tribes – including the Hmong, Zao, and Tay – and plenty of chances for hiking and exploration.


Explore the beautiful north of Vietnam

Karma Cambodia

Too often Cambodia is treated as something of an afterthought, tacked on at the end of a Vietnam itinerary for a couple of days at best. But there’s so much more to this beautiful country than just temple ruins: a fact that we set out to prove with our Karma Cambodia itinerary, which showcases the fantastic geographical diversity of Cambodia.

Starting off in Phnom Penh, the perfect place to begin learning about Cambodia’s recent (and turbulent) history, you’ll discover colonial charm in the countryside at Battambang, visit a wildlife rehabilitation centre in the jungle, and relax on beautiful beaches at Kep. It’s a side of Cambodia that’s rarely seen, and well worth taking the time to get to know.


Journey into the rainforest on Karma Cambodia

Family adventures

This year, we put together the ultimate family holiday to Vietnam. No ifs, no buts. Our Family Caving & Culture itinerary has something to offer all ages: a cruise among the limestone pinnacles of Halong Bay, shopping along the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An, cave adventures in Phong Nha National Park, cycle rides, kayaking, swimming, fishing, farming, cooking – and so much more. Tailor it to suit your family’s interests and needs, and voila! The best family trip ever.

Chris - Exo

Take your family on an adventure to remember

Beyond Angkor

Think of Cambodia and every traveller will immediately think of Angkor Wat, but what few people realise is that the entire country is positively bristling with ancient ruins – something that 2016’s groundbreaking laser surveys brought to the world’s attention. What’s more, Cambodia’s second World Heritage Site, Preah Vihear, recently received a clean bill of health from the FCO and is once more safe for travel.

Our To Angkor & Beyond itinerary will take you on an amazing journey from the country’s famous icon to some of its little-known – but incredibly atmospheric – ruins.


Go beyond Angkor to discover Cambodia's hidden templesAnything else?

Yes! This is just the tip of the iceberg. 2017’s brochure is packed full of new experiences, from dinner at a ruined temple in Cambodia to caving treks in Vietnam, and from sleeping in ‘nests’ in the jungles of Laos to Vespa tours in cities across the region. You’ll have to download or order a hard copy to find out…


Sleep in a "nest" on an overnight hike in LaosClick here to get your hands on our brand-new brochure!

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