Making Spring Rolls

Spring roll making

I'm back in Hanoi (for a day) and so far it's been amazing! I've been here less than 12 hours and have been cycling around Duong Lam Village, had a totally amazing lunch, and visited the very lovely Temple of Literature & the Woman's Museum in Hanoi.... next stop... the Old Quarter night market which is a stone throw away from my hotel! I am especially excited about the phenomenal food available on every corner here in Vietnam, and today I was taught how to make fresh spring rolls at a local home. Follow these 4 easy steps to create a Vietnam classic:

1: Select a bit of rice paper:


2:Fill it will some delicious bits and pieces:




... just a bit more...


3: Roll it:



4: Dip it in a lovely bowl of sauce:

Spring roll making


And if the instructions weren't clear, here is a video for you!!


[wpvideo ISJ8ZZBM]

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