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With so many fantastic destinations to choose from in Southeast Asia, it’s hard to know where start. Here are some of our favourite places & where to stay in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos – with accommodation to suit every taste and budget.

Royal Palace grounds, Phnom Penh

A day in Phnom Penh

Following on from her last photo blog, resident and tour leader, Tara, suggests the perfect way to spent a day in Phnom Penh. If…

Where to go in 2014

Where to go in 2014

IVT’s Enfys did a fair bit of travelling in 2013. When put on the spot about her top travelling tips and destinations in 2014,…

Luang Prabang Guide

Luang Prabang Guide

Laos’ former royal capital, Luang Prabang, is an atmospheric and magical destination; the whole town protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Around every…

Wild Traffic

Hanoi Happiness

The Vietnamese capital is (as you would expect from most cities in Vietnam) a buzzing place, full of people (around 6.5 million – about…