Perfect Day in Phnom Penh

Perfect day in Phnom Penh
Perfect day in Phnom Penh

Our tour leader Tara spends a lot of her time in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. She shares a few of her favourite things to do whilst in the city…

Getting to know the heart of a city means spending time in it; in Phnom Penh’s temples, markets, streets and life. Looking, learning and loving it.

Monks in Phnom Penh

1) Waking up early and getting out there pays off, whether you’re a monk going on alms round, or a traveler wanting to witness this daily ritual.

Local morning market in Phnom Penh

2) Don’t miss out on the colours, smells and textures of a local morning market!

Phnom Penh Fortune Teller

3) Want to know about your Fortune? Shake the wooden sticks carefully until one drops out. 

Then find a local to translate it for you 🙂

Travelling to Phsar Thmey market on the back of a motorbike

4) Head to Phsar Thmey market on the back of a motorbike. When in Rome…

Perfect day in Phnom Penh

5) Dresses, flowers & flowered dresses. Bags and bike brakes. You need it, you’ll find it!

Hairdresser in Phnom Penh

6) No hair dressers appointment needed. Any time, any place.

Perfect Day in Phnom Penh

7) Try some of the more interesting food on sale….or maybe not.

Perfect day in Phnom Penh

8)  Watch painters gain spiritual inspiration.

Perfect Day in Phnom Penh

09)  The squares and riverside boulevard come alive late afternoon.


10)  The trouble a tour leader goes through to find the best places to eat…


11)  The Mighty Mekong River

Always a perfect day in Phnom Penh. Come and discover it for yourself on the ‘Vietnam and Cambodia Uncovered’ tour with Tara.

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