Ideas and inspiration

With so many fantastic destinations to choose from in Southeast Asia, it’s hard to know where start. Here are some of our favourite places & where to stay in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos – with accommodation to suit every taste and budget.

Drinks with friends

Psyched in Saigon

In the ‘Year of Friendship’ between Japan and Vietnam, I am finally here. If you were a teenager in the 80’s, you might remember…

Buffalo at the market

Coc Ly Market, Sapa

It was a privilege to visit the Tuesday morning market at Coc Ly, in Lao Cai province near Sapa in north-western Vietnam. This is…

Children of Sapa

Oh Sapa, Sapa!

Oh Sapa, Sapa! How we fell in love with you and your people. After taking the night train from Hanoi, it was a real…