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  • 24 Hours in Hoi An

    Chances are, you'll want to spend far longer than 24 hours in Hoi An - this pretty town remains a firm favourite amongst first-time visitors. But if you don't have much time, Travel Consultant Dylan has a plan for how to make every moment matter. (more…)

  • 7 of the best souvenirs in Southeast Asia

    We all love those reminders of our holiday-of-a-lifetime and treat our friends to gifts not found in our home countries, but how often are you actually going to wear that conical hat? And are your friends really going to put that Buddha statue on their mantelpiece? (more…)

  • Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos: Tour leader top tips

    We’ve met some well-travelled people in our time, but few compare to tour leader Aaron Edgington. From favourite restaurants to unmissable waterfalls, he shares his top tips for a special trip to Southeast Asia (as well as a few of his hairier travel moments!) (more…)

  • Photo blog: Highlights of Hoi An, Vietnam

    With no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Vietnam isn't short of highlights, but there's one place that never fails to capture the imagination: Hoi An. So, what is it that makes this pretty port town so popular? Tyler Palma captures just a few highlights of Hoi An on our Highlights of Vietnam Small Group Tour. (more…)

  • Photographing Vietnam’s tribes: Réhahn’s Precious Heritage project

    French photographer Réhahn is currently working on an ambitious, eight-year project to photograph all 54 of Vietnam’s tribes. It’s taken years of travelling Vietnam by motorbike to explore the remote corners of the country but, with 53 tribes and just one left to find and photograph, he’s set to complete his epic mission in 2019. (more…)


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