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Our suggestions for a few days in Hong Kong - or contact us to start from scratch

Too often, Hong Kong is jammed onto the beginning or the end of an itinerary merely because it’s there. But even if you only have a few days to spend, Hong Kong’s rich and unique culture make it so much more than just a stopover.

Thanks to its petite size and excellent public transport system, you don’t need much time to get a taste of the diversity of Hong Kong.

Our sample itineraries will take you out into the hinterlands of the New Territories and kayaking along the coastline to hidden caves and coves. They’ll have you combining street food with sky bars, mixing Disneyland with giant Buddhas, and even take you as far as colonial Macau for a Portuguese-flavoured counterpoint to Hong Kong’s British heritage.

As varied as they are, these are just a few ideas for your time in Hong Kong. Pull them apart, put them back together, add your own ideas, and let us build a trip that’ll knock your socks off.

From $1,260

Overflowing with markets, theme parks and novel forms of transport, Hong Kong could have been designed for family holidays.

From $1,815

Step away from the big city to explore Hong Kong’s rural fringes, tropical islands, and its fascinating neighbour Macau.

From $1,800
Culture & History

Delve beneath Hong Kong’s shiny surface to explore the rich Chinese and colonial heritage that shaped it.

From $1,280
On the water

See a different side of Hong Kong as you step away from the city to explore by bike, hike and kayak.

From $1,180
Culture & History

Dim sum, neon signs and stunning skyline views: indulge in the classic experiences that have made Hong Kong an icon.

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Our favourite places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong contains multitudes. Sure, there are the buzzing markets of Kowloon and the dazzling skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island — but there are also UNESCO-protected islands, wetlands teeming with rare birds, Bronze Age rock carvings and mountains cloaked in bamboo groves. Our favourite places span the lot of it.

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