Top 10 impressive things we've seen carried on motorbikes in Vietnam

Transporting a tree by motorbike

There are a lot of scooters and motorbikes in Vietnam which are seemingly the transport of choice for many. Unlike cars or trucks, there is not so much storage space for carrying things....that doesn't stop the locals though. Here are a few pics of people carrying off dangerous scooter stunts from travels in personal favourites being the pig and the wardrobe....

1) No idea, but there's a lot of it

2) An entire family

3) A lot of feather dusters

4) Lots of Fruit

5) Large (flammable) gas cylinders

6) Some trees

7) A very long ladder

8) A wardrobe

9) A table

10) A pig

You might also be interested in the video of Vietnamese super women carrying huge loads on their shoulders....

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