An Afternoon Stroll Through Phnom Penh (a photo blog by Tyler Palma)

Baby rocking a Gangnam Style top in Cambodia

Today I took an afternoon stroll through downtown Phnom Penh and these are some of the shots I took over the course of just a couple of hours...

Man on his bikeMan on his bike

This man was just as content as could be, joking with his neighbors and relaxing on his motorbike. My favorite shot of the day.

Boy and his momBoy and his mom

This boy and his mother were incredibly nice and more than happy to let me take their picture, at least after a few friendly words and a couple of smiles.

Four to a scooterFour to a scooter

See four (and sometimes 5 or 6) to a scooter never ceases to amaze me! This family couldn't help but laugh at the simple foreigner taking their picture.

Streetside HaircutStreetside Haircut

In Phnom Penh things are done just a little bit differently. Here, the local barber is hard at work on a busy street corner. I love it!

A Cafe on Wheels

Bar on Wheels

Another example of why I love Phnom Penh. These little restaurants and bars and cafes on wheels are everywhere. They motor around the city and set up shop. If you are thirsty in Phnom Penh you never need to look very far.

Friendly MonkFriendly Monk

This monk was eager to practice his English. Check out the woman in the hammock!

Baby Gangnam StyleBaby Gangnam Style

There's nothing quite as cute as the children of South East Asia. I would take one home as a souvenir if I could.

Cyclo DriverCyclo Driver

Another of my favorite shots from today. Cyclo drivers lead a harder life than most but the vast majority are as friendly as anybody I've met anywhere. Including this guy, who ending up wheeling me across down.

Sacred LaundrySacred Laundry

Stupas may be sacred but there's no denying that they make excellent places to hang one's laundry.

Money to BurnMoney to Burn

This is money to burn (literally). As is so commonly seen in Vietnam, local vendors sell fake money to burn in the belief that it will be delivered to their ancestors in the afterlife.


Some people are understandably squeamish when it comes to street food in South East Asia but this is one of the few places where you get to see the kitchen and can make sure that everything you order is fresh and thoroughly cooked. Also, the street food is almost always delicious! (though even I give the duck fetus a miss!)

Man and his VegetablesMan and his Vegetables

What could be better to finish up with than this man with his beautifully displayed stall of vegetables. Although given all the motorbike traffic, I think that I'd be pretty sure to give them a thorough wash when I got home!

This blog doesn't even begin to capture the magic of a real afternoon stroll through Phnom Penh but I hope it gives a glimpse of what great wonders await in the 'Pearl of Asia' that is Phnom Penh.

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