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It’s A Monk’s Life

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What is a Buddhist monk’s daily routine? What does their day look like?

The answer is not that straightforward. There are as many different routines as there are temples!

How the routine is set out not only varies from temple to temple, it also depends on every monk’s specific duties in the day-to-day running and maintenance of the temple. As a rough guide, the general routine usually consists of the following:

4.00 am – The monks wake up and meditate for one hour, followed by one hour of chanting.

6.00 am – The monks walk barefoot around the neighbourhood while the local people make merit by offering them food.

A Monk Procession - InsideBurma Tours
Monks receiving offerings of food

8.00 am – Returning to the temple, the monks sit together to eat breakfast.

Before 12.00 noon – The monks eat a light lunch at this time. This is the last solid food they are allowed to consume until sunrise the following morning.

Hungry monks - InsideBurma Tours
monks eating lunch

1.00 pm – Classes in Buddhist teaching begin. Some monks may attend school outside the temple.

6.00 pm – A two-hour session of meditation and prayer begins.

8.00 pm – The monks retire to do homework.

The rest of the day is spent on temple maintenance and individual lessons. Aside from Buddhist philosophy, English, math and the sciences, other topics covered are whatever knowledge is available from the elders.

Does this mean that every day looks pretty much the same then? Well, it’s a monk’s life… and a pretty ‘normal’ life at times too! 🙂

Besides being a monk, they are a son, a friend, a neighbour, a soccer player, a young man or just a kid. And this is what they do…

A Monk Family - InsideBurma Tours
A Monk Shoppin - InsideBurma Tours

They drop by the pharmacy for their mum’s medication

Eating out - InsideBurma Tours
A Monk on the phone - InsideBurma Tours

They check their messages at the local tea shop, temple,…

Monks Chilling Out - InsideBurma Tours

They hang out with their (pretty) friends

Monks Watching a Movie - InsideBurma Tours

They like watching tele

Monks Walking Home - InsideBurma Tours

They take the ferry home

Monks on a Bridge - InsideBurma Tours

They’re actually pretty normal 😉

More pics:

Monks with Parasols - InsideBurma Tours
Walking Monks - InsideBurma Tours
Monks - InsideBurma Tours
Monks Playing - InsideBurma Tours

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