Boats on the Irrawaddy River at sunset

Our favorite multi-country routes to inspire your trip

For us, a multi-country itinerary requires a slightly different approach to your usual vacation.

First of all, you need to let go of the notion that you can “see it all”. That wouldn’t be possible on a one-country vacation — and it’s certainly not possible here.

Our favorite multi-country routes disregard political boundaries to follow what’s interesting. They’re not about covering ground, they’re about carefully selecting destinations that complement one another, regardless of nationality.

Sometimes, it’s a common theme that unites the trip, whether it’s mountain trekking in Laos and Vietnam, or Buddhist spirituality in Laos and Cambodia. Other times, it’s the contrasts rather than the commonalities that provide the spark. Perhaps it’s the cities of Peninsular Malaysia juxtaposed with the jungles of Borneo, or the man-made marvels of Angkor combined with the natural majesty of Halong Bay.

The routes below are some examples of our favorite multi-country itineraries, but there’s no limit to what you could do. Whatever your passion — don’t let borders get in your way.

Culture & History

Experience two unique but intertwined cultures as you cruise along the Mekong from northern Thailand to Laos.

On the water

Linking two dramatically different cities, this cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia will introduce you to the joys of slow travel.

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