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Just what is it about Japan? It’s undeniable — there’s something about this country that sends people a little loopy.

It can’t just be the magnificent food, which somehow manages to encompass everything from exquisite, multi-course haute cuisine to Hello Kitty donuts. It’s not just that Tokyo has redefined the modern city, nor its rituals cooked up over centuries of seclusion from the outside world.

Japan is just different. Everything about it. From what they put in their vending machines to how they tend their gardens, Japan takes what it sees in the rest of the world, sets it aside, and does it differently (usually better). It’s got that tantalizing clash of time-honored traditions and bizarre new fads — a certain determined backwardness pulling against an extreme, future-facing forwardness. Its offices still use fax machines while its labs develop cutting-edge robots. It’s a place where the same level of care goes into cleaning a railway carriage as tying a kimono, and where the tiniest interaction can be an unexpected source of joy.

Japan may have stolen our hearts more than 20 years ago, but it still manages to surprise us every single day. And that’s still only part of what makes it special. Planning trips to Japan is such an art form that we have a whole team of specialists dedicated to Japan tours at InsideJapan Tours, who share our office, values and jokes. Ready to start planning?

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