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Multi-country: From Ideas to Unforgettable Trips

Multi-country vacations offer an incredible opportunity to combine multiple countries into one unforgettable journey. With each country in Asia offering a rich tapestry of experiences in its own right, why not embrace the adventure of a multi-country route?

Our multi-country Holidays illustrate how national boundaries and identities may seem set in stone today, but it hasn’t always been that way. Over the centuries, as empires rose and fell, borders shifted, people moved, and different cultures became fuzed together or pushed apart.

At one time, the Khmer Empire stretched over most of continental Southeast Asia. At another, it was Burma’s Pagan Kingdom. Still later, it was European colonizers who called the shots. The result is that Asia today is a patchwork of countries — some only a few decades old — with a rich shared history and an infinitely tangled web of cultural influences.

Asia multi-country vacations is not about packing in destinations or ticking more off your list. It’s about exploring the similarities and subtle differences that tie these countries together, and make each of them completely unique.

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Multi-country itineraries featuring the places and experiences we love most

From $2,830
Culture & History

Experience two unique but intertwined cultures as you cruise along the Mekong from northern Thailand to Laos.

From $6,067

Vast cities, lush countryside, hyper-charged pop culture and superlative food: Japan & Korea are a classic combo.

From $2,800
Culture & History
Food & Drink

Pho noodles and amok curry, merchant houses and temples, villages and karst islands. Discover the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia.

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Currently entry into all our destinations in Asia is possible from the UK, US, Canada and Australia with few to no restrictions: this means most countries have returned to standard tourist visas without the need for quarantine on arrival.

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