Bolaven Plateau

Our favourite routes in Laos to inspire your trip

You don’t come to Laos if you’re not passionate about getting out into the mountains.

Beyond that, there are as many ways to “do” it as you’ve had hot dinners. There are the tried-and-tested highlights – the best of the best, or amazing but little-known destinations. You might enjoy a relaxing river cruise, or you might want every day packed with outdoors adventures. We design trips around your ideas – not the other way around.

This all means that the itineraries in this section are just a starting point. They’re based on what we loved on our own adventures in Laos, but what your trip will look like depends entirely on you. Think of us as expert tailors: you pick the colour and the fabric, and we create a trip that fits you like a fine bespoke suit.

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Our favourite places in Laos

Hemmed in on all sides by big names like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China, landlocked Laos is used to being overlooked by travellers – and yet this mountain nation is among the most enchanting countries we’ve ever visited.

Here's our guide to the best known, plus some lesser known favourites.

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