Top café tips in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi’s 36 streets, or the Old Quarter as it is known, are bustling with people, cyclos, scooters, bikes, vendors and a whole load of places to eat and drink. Our guys on the ground have their favourites in terms of where to eat and where to drink to get the best in Hanoian foodie treats.

Streetfood in the Old Quarter

Streetfood in the Old Quarter

Tour leader Tyler has a few favourite spots as does our local food guide and blogger, TU. Many of our travellers end up on a culinary cruise around the city getting lost in bowls of Pho, plates of spring rolls, cups of coffee and glasses of Bia Hoi - A great way to spend a day.

Tu with Tyler

Hanoi street food aficianado, Tu with Tyler

Julia Williams recently travelled with us and hooked up for street-food tour of the city. Here are her top five highlights from the day and tips from the masters on places to eat and drink in Hanoi.

Cafe Nang for coffeeCafe Nang for coffee

Get your coffee
Café Nang. We don’t want to divulge too many secrets, but this tiny coffee shop tucked away in the middle of the Old Quarter is friendly and the coffee is perfect every time. Café Nang is at 6 Hang Bac Street and is one of the oldest coffee shops in town. There are plenty of places to choose from might remember Tyler's Top 5.

Pho TiuPho Tiu

Get your noodles
Pho of the day is Pho Tiu served at a tiny place called Pheong Beo. The classic Pho noodles, slices of pork, plenty of fresh herbs, some crushed nuts – all pretty standard, but the sauce is the secret. Very good. The cost is about 7000 Dong, which is about…oooh, well now…20 pence.

Get your snack
Pick up a tasty deep fried shrimp fritter called Banh Tom in the “bottom end” of Ngo Dong Xuan. Dip these naughty little numbers into a fresh bowl of salad, some delicious sauce and some fresh hot chilli – A very nice mid-afternoon treat for about 30pence.

Hoan Kiem LakeHoan Kiem Lake

Get your….Egg coffee
Yep. Egg Coffee. Nescafe doesn't bottle that one up! This is an unusual one and the signature drink offered by Café Pho Co in Hangai Street. Not to everyones taste, but surprising for most people tasting good Vietnamese coffee whisked together with egg, milk and sugar. If you don’t enjoy the coffee, the view will satisfy you, looking over Hoan Kiem Lake.

This is only a fraction of what's on offer in the old quarter and there are so many more tastes to Hanoi.

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