The local beers!

Angkor beer

As well as trying as much Vietnamese food as our stomachs can handle, I feel it's important to try the local beers too.

Interestingly a lot of local beers here are named after the city in which they are made, which means you can chart our journey through Vietnam by the drinks we're having. Above, a beer from Hanoi.

Lao Cai, a town near Sapa on the Chinese boarder. A bit weak this one.

The Halong Bay cocktail. Very pepperminty...

Huda beer from Hue in central Vietnam.

Saigon beer from Ho Chi Minh City.

Angkor beer

And here's the national beer of Cambodia.

And then there's the coffee! In Vietnam coffee is traditionally filtered at your table and best served over ice with condensed milk. I think I am developing a very sweet tooth...

I drew the line at this Mekong Delta specialty. Not for me. Not if you paid me a hundred million dong. I love you Vietnam, but no....


...Enfys though seems quite keen to try scorpion rice wine!

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