5 reasons to visit Sapa in Vietnam


Our Travel Consultant Lawrence has recently returned from a busy trip exploring everything that Vietnam has to offer. This is why the rolling green landscapes of Sapa left a lasting impression.

Sapa in Vietnam is a beautiful mountainous region in the North west. Famed for its picturesque terraced rice fields, the region is a real rural highlight and well worth taking the half-day journey (or overnight train) from Hanoi to get there. Here are my top five reasons to visit.

1. Sapa in Vietnam: The incredible scenery


Whether you have clear skies or thick mist flooding through the valleys, Sapa's scenery is spectacular. Lush green rice fields hug the sides of the mountains like contours on a map, and the bright flashes of colour from the clothes worn by the locals add to the spectacle.

2. Meeting the minority communities


There are several minority groups in the Sapa region and we were lucky enough to meet many of them on my trip.

The most enjoyable experience was walking through Ta Giang Phinh Valley and meeting the Blue Hmong. As the adults worked in the fields, the children played and looked after one another.

Unlike a few other minority groups in the area, this region still feels completely unchanged by tourism, so it gave us a really authentic insight into the lives of the villagers.

3. Spending a few nights surrounded by it all


Although the town of Sapa is a great base from which to explore the wider region, it is currently undergoing a construction boom as more and more hotels are built.

Instead, I’d recommend staying at Topas Ecolodge. This 3* property is about 90 minutes outside of Sapa town and has a 5* location. Located on the tip of the mountain ridge, there is nothing but greenery for miles.

4. A great place to hike and cycle


Sapa is northern Vietnam's premier hiking destination, but it's also one of the best places in the country for cycling.

Whether you want to wander through the foothills for a few hours, or do some lengthier and more strenuous exploring, you'll be able to enjoy the views as you travel between the small villages dotting the landscape.

5. The roof of Indochina


At 3,143m high, Mount Fansipan is the highest peak in all of Indochina. Until recently, the only way to make the ascent was via a multi-day trek. However, in 2016, the Fansipan Legend Cablecar was completed, which gives you to access to the summit in under an hour. There are a few caveats about when to visit Sapa in Vietnam, as it can get rather busy, but if you are in Sapa on a clear weekday morning, the views on the way up are amazing.

Visit this beautiful region on our Adventurer's Vietnam itinerary or speak to our team of Vietnam travel experts about adding a stay here to your trip.

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