5 of the most romantic places in Myanmar (Burma)


With golden stupas that pierce the horizon, an uninhabited archipelago with creamy white coastlines, and elegant places to lay your head (think smart colonial villas, and five-star liners…) Burma was made for sweethearts.

Romantic places in Burma

Planning an extra special anniversary or honeymoon? Or simply looking for five excuses to take a holiday together... As we tiptoe towards Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating some of the most romantic ways to see Burma’s most romantic places.

1. Myeik Archipelago and Macleod Island – Andaman Resort

MYR-Myeik-Myanmar Andaman Resort3 (3)

When somewhere opens up to tourism for the first time, there are often frantic exclamations of “go now before it changes!”, and while (fortunately) the beautiful Myeik Archipelago is largely protected from a mass influx of tourism, you will never find it more peaceful than it is now.

For the best views on Macleod Island, walk up to the highest vantage point and look over the expanse of navy sea below as it laps the forested headlands. Back down on the shore, you can snorkel to see colourful marine life beneath the surface or idly relax on Macleod Island's secluded sandy coastline.

If you choose to stay at the Andaman Resort, book a beach chalet - some of the other rooms are a bit tired – and while away a couple of hours on your veranda with a view. The perfect place to play castaway together.

2. Bagan – Private pagodas


No list would be complete without mentioning Bagan. With staggering views over plains that are home to two thousands pagodas (go on, try and count them!) it’s perhaps the most popular place to visit in Burma (Myanmar).

But while you may share those views with other travellers, there are plenty of pagodas that you can snag all to yourself. Rent an e-bike (similar to a scooter) to stray away from the beaten track, or take a hot air balloon ride to take it all in from above.

3. Inle Lake – Couple’s kayaking and secluded Sagar


Inle Lake: stilted villages, a mountainous backdrop, still waters… and hotspots where motorboats hum, tourists click cameras and floating markets chirp with chatter. As the second largest lake in Burma (Myanmar) though, there are plenty of secluded spots to escape to.

Take kayaks out to explore in the morning and head to Sagar (in the southern part of the lake) to see the ‘sunken stupas’ in the afternoon. Some date back as far as the 16th century, but few tourists make the trip.

4. Yangon – Luxury accommodation and spa facilities at the Belmond Governor’s Residence

MYR- Yangon - Governors Residence (30)

Just beyond Yangon’s city streets, you'll see the wide boulevards of the diplomatic quarter and its beautiful colonial buildings. The Belmond Governor’s Residence is a well-preserved 1920’s mansion, complete with luxurious suites and a spa with a massage room for couples. An oasis to return to after a busy day exploring.

5. The Golden Rock – Watch the sun set over the Mt Kyaiktiyo

Golden Rock looking its best

While the journey to the Kyaiktiyo base camp is a 45-minute climb up steep roads, glorious views across the Mon State range at the top are ample reward. But it’s the ‘Golden Rock’ here that draws crowds of pilgrims and tourists.

This enormous boulder appears to defy gravity as it peers over a sheer drop below; Buddhists believe that a strand of Buddha’s hair is the secret to its stability. Only men are allowed to go up to the boulder itself, and over the years male worshippers have travelled from far and wide to adorn it in gold leaf, so these days it glows brilliantly in the sun. Time your visit at sunset and watch the gold gently fade as night falls.

Our team know all of the secrets for a romantic break to Burma, get in touch to start planning.


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