Love. Vietnam. Food: the North


Of course a big part of our research trip is to try as much of the local food as we can. Here are some of the great meals we've eaten in Northern Vietnam, in Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa.

Vietnam's classic dish: noodle soup

More noodle soup with prawns.


While my colleagues eat the meat dishes, it's my job to check the vegetarian options.

Fortunately some good tofu dishes available!

Duck with lemongrass. Not sure why the dish is cow shaped if it's duck...?

Sweet and sour fried shrimp. In Sapa right near the boarder with China, there's understandably a strong Chinese influence in the food

We've been really enjoying the street food...

...including fried banana with our guide Than in Hanoi.

Enfys found dragon fruit in a Sapa market

And more lovely fruit for breakfast in Halong Bay.

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