Hoi An Lantern Festival: 2014 dates

Lantern town
Bright lights of Hoi An

Bright lights of Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the must see places for travellers to Vietnam. It is a very special place oozing history and culture as we have said before. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the place whatever time of year you travel, but one of the special times for this town is the full moon festival.

Lantern town

Lantern town

The 14th day of every lunar month, Hoi An switches of its lights and flickers in the glow of candles and paper lanterns. The first festival of the lunar new year (February) is the most important with people looking to the future and wondering what the year has in store for them. Traditionally, the locals light candles to celebrate their ancestors and make offerings of fruit and (fake) money to bring them a bit of luck and prosperity.

Local couples, families and travellers flock to the town throughout the year though, buying themselves a lantern, setting it free down the river in return for happiness, luck and love. The atmosphere picks up with traditional music and games adding to the cultural experience.

If you miss the festival during your time in Hoi An and still want a bit of luck, you will of course be able to buy yourself a candle lit lantern for the equivalent of about 30pence. Here is our man Tyler....


It's a great time to be in Hoi An.

A bit confused about the Lunar calendar? - Dates of the festival for the rest of 2014 are as follows -

13 April 2014
12 May 2014
11 June 2014
10 July 2014
09 August 2014
07 September 2014
07 October 2014
06 November 2014
05 December 2014

Light a candle for us!

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