Three of the best hiking routes in Myanmar

See daily life in rural areas, learn about local cultures, and take a breath of fresh mountain air by going on one of our three favourite hiking routes in Burma.

1. Two days: Trek to Hti Ne

If getting off the beaten track sounds like your kind of thing, join Community Involved Tourism (CIT) to go hiking in the Pa’O countryside. Duck under lush green canopies in bamboo forests, cross streams bordered by tall grass, and say “mingalabar” (hello) to villagers as you pass. You’ll be rewarded with a spectacular vista every time you reach a peak.

CIT’s ambition is a move towards more sustainable tourism in Burma (Myanmar); they have initiated small-scale projects to bring income to impoverished communities, and work hard to avoid the problems that can come with mass tourism. Fittingly, you may not see another tourist on your whole hike.

2. Two days: Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake

Shan state’s rolling landscape transforms from a sea of vibrant green vegetation, to a sweeping dusty patchwork depending on the season. This two-day trek starts at the former British hill station of Kalaw where you’ll stock up on supplies from the market before heading off in search of Inle Lake.

You’ll take on those famous Shan hills – part forest, part farmland – resting your legs for the night in one of the small villages along the way. The Htee Thein Monastery is a simple but comfortable option where you’re sure to get some good shut-eye before going in search of the lake the next morning. This one isn’t a difficult trek, but it does require sensible footwear and a decent level of fitness. Oh, and a large bottle of water.

3. Four days: Trek Through Mount Victoria National Park

Strollers, amblers and inexperienced ramblers should probably skip this one. This three-night trek into the heart of Chin State requires a sturdy pair of shoes and a sense of adventure.

You make your way through villages, thrash through overgrown forests, and take on the odd rickety bridge. Markets provide welcome pit-stops and the opportunity to chat to the locals (as well as purchase a knick knack or two).

You may spot female villagers with distinctive facial tattoos here – a tradition that is one of the most fascinating parts of this region. Learn about the history of this practice and the area in greater detail from your guide as you head to the summit of Mount Victoria.

Go on one of these hiking routes in Burma to support community initiatives and see a different side of the country away from the tourists. Contact our team of Burma experts to find out more.

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