Hanoi motorbike style

Cruising at night on a motorbike
Cruising at night on a motorbike

Earlier on in the year, we blogged about the impressive motorbike loads that we have seen in Vietnam. Here are some pretty impressive Hanoi motorbike style shots of girls on bikes….and lots of them…

Three people to a bike is pretty much standard in Vietnam, but Thanhnien News recently published a few pictures of girls being escorted around the city on motorbikes. Here are a few impressive shots of ‘heavy motorbike loads’ to get you into the Hanoi spirit.

How many girls?
Hanoi style
Getting comfortable
Off we go
Cruising at night

Read the article here. If you want to get into the spirit of things, InsideVietnam can organise for you to see the city on scooter – Quite exciting, but not for everyone…and certainly not this many people!

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