Photo blog: Is Vietnam the most colourful country?

Group Tour Manager, Elisa shares her lasting impressions of Vietnam two years after her first trip there. Put the kettle on, pretend it’s a Vietnamese coffee (condensed milk optional), and lose some time looking at her colourful photographs.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to travel on the Highlights of Vietnam tour – it was my first time in Vietnam, and a wonderful introduction to the country.

Travelling always brings many joys: the anticipation and build up to the trip, the excitement of travel itself, and sharing all of the memories and experiences with friends and family afterwards (as well as starting planning for the next adventure, of course!).

Two years on, from time to time I still find myself at home sipping Vietnamese coffee and going through my pictures to relive those happy days; I have concluded that my personal highlight of Vietnam was how colourful it is.

My photographs do not do it justice and I cannot share all of the sounds, smells and textures with you either, but believe me when I say that Vietnam is such a beautiful place!

The countryside is so lush and green, with luxuriant crops and bright patches of flowers in bloom.

Lakeside landscape in Vietnam
Colourful flowers in Vietnam
Flowers in Vietnam
Fruit and vegetable market in Vietnam

The flowers disappear into the night at dusk, but that’s when the colourful paper lanterns will come to life!

Vietnamese man watering colourful flowers
Vietnamese lady making paper lanters
A ceiling covered in Vietnamese lanterns

Red spirals of incense slowly burn at the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall in Hoi An.

Red rings of incense at the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall in Hoi

Blue, teal and yellow ancient imperial buildings in Hue are beautiful as are the modern Cao Dai temples…

Teal pillars and people in prayer at an imperial building in Hue, Vietnam

Cao Dai temple, Vietnam

Meals are a feast for the eyes, bright green herbs, the orange of fresh mangoes and shrimp, and a jet black coffee to round it all off.

Fresh tortillas with tomatoes and lettuce in Vietnam
Vietnamese summer roll with dip
Drinking black coffee and looking out to the harbourside in Vietnam

Flashes of bright colour cheerfully greet you as you walk past small hidden hallways.

Colourful alleyway with furniture in Vietnam
Racks of shoes in a colourful hallway in Vietnam
A lady looks out to the sea at night in Vietnam

Heck, Vietnam is beautiful even when it rains! The sea in Halong Bay turns a subdued jade green, fading in the white mist at
the horizon; on stormy days, the sky and choppy waves turn steel grey.

A misty day on Halong Bay in Vietnam
A cloudy day on the beach in Vietnam

If you fancy exploring this incredible country and meeting its lovely people, have a look at our Highlights of Vietnam tour. Over 12 days, this trip takes you to the very best of Vietnam’s natural, cultural, historical and colourful destinations – including six UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

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