Chasing sunsets in Burma

Chasing the sunset

Having just returned from Burma, some of the most beautiful moments that have stayed with me are the spectacular sunsets that I witnessed. Wherever I travel, I try to seek out the very best views and Burma did not disappoint. I visited the following places chasing the sunset around the country!

Mandalay Hill

I travelled in September, and as it was the end of the green season the waters levels of the Irrawaddy River were still quite high and the floodplain clearly visible. The water reflected the sunset perfectly, spreading the colours across the horizon.


The view from Mandalay HillBagan Plains

Even though I had seen many many pictures and listened to colleagues describe Bagan, the landscape still exceeded my expectations. Watching from the top of an isolated hill as the sky changed to orange and pink, the sun slowly sinking behind the terracotta temples, was the best way to end a fantastic day of exploration.




Inle lake

As I took the boat across Inle lake back to my hotel in the evening, the weather was changing. To my right I could see dark clouds and impending rain; to my left the sun was dropping behind the Shan hills, silhouetting the fishermen.


Inle fisherman

Fam trip 2015

Sunset over InleShwedagon Pagoda

Although I felt somewhat templed out by the time I got to Yangon, I was very glad that a sunset visit to the Shwedagon was left for last. It was truly spectacular and the photos do not do the size justice! Arriving just before sunset the temple complex had a welcoming buzz about it with all ages and backgrounds coming together to make offerings, catch up, and light candles.


And after the sun goes down


Vicky at Shwedagon Pagoda

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