A Family Trip into Vietnam

Ladies of the Village

Vietnam is no ordinary family holiday. It is a culture-bending journey (in a good way) of a lifetime. In March, the Sibthorp family flew from Blighty (the UK) all the way to Vietnam on a journey that took them from fast-paced Ho Chi Minh City, via the laidback paddy fields and culture of Hoi An, to the enchanting hills and time warp of Sapa. The Sibthorps kindly provided us with a selection of photographs from the hundreds that they took. So, in no particular order....

This intrepid family took in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Hanoi and Saigon, but also got right out into the sticks. They took the overnight train - a mini adventure in itself - to explore the ethnically diverse mountains around Sapa. They ventured on a trek into the mountains to rural Sa Seng and Sau Chua villages way up in the hills, visited the local markets and met the people prodcuing a hatful of unique cultural experiences and some of the most interesting images from the Vietnam trip.

Back down south, the Sibthorps continued with the delights of Hanoi before heading to Ky Son village for more rural adventure, paddy fields and conical hats and yet more picture perfect scenes, filling up memory cards as they went along.

Thank you for sharing your trip. Glad you enjoyed it!

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