5 reasons to visit Vietnam in November

August 2014 trip

Reasons to visit Vietnam in November, where do we start? Beach-reclining is back, the landscape glows green and the rivers have never been healthier. The delights of this time of year have not gone unnoticed though - don't hang around too long to book!

1. It's the peak season for visiting the beach


Head down south to see the best of the beaches. The humidity drops so a few days sprawled out on the sand of Phu Quoc, Mui Ne, and Con Dao under blissfully blue skies should be on the itinerary.

2. The rivers levels are high


A double UNESCO tick-box; the waters of the Mekong and those surrounding Halong Bay are brimming - time to take a cruise.

3. The landscape is green and lush

Mai Chau - Landscape 2

Vietnam's prior rainy days can pose a nuisance for road travel, but in November the clouds part to reveal a blooming landscape. Vibrant green undulating fields, mountains, and natural wonders make it pretty as a postcard. At various times of the year, Vietnam's countryside can get a little dusty, not so in November.

4. Cooler weather for cycling in the north

Mekong Delta

The cooler weather and flourishing landscape make November a refreshing month to cycle up in the north of the country.

5. Lovely conditions for trekking

Lao Chai & Ta Van - Trekking

If you're heading to the north, or looking for a break from all of that R&R on the beach, dry, milder days make November the time to trek. Lace up your walking boots and head to the mountains; Sapa is a popular tourist option, or get off the beaten track a little bit in Ha Giang.

Take note though! There will be a chill in the evening so pack a few layers to avoid shivering at the summit.

Anything else to know?

You may have noticed that we've focused on the north and the south. Vietnam's climate and conditions can vary by month, the mountains in the north, and rivers and beaches of the south are at their best in November.

The weather in some central areas, such as Hoi An, will be rainy (potentially floody) but warm, there I said it. One of our Japan experts was welcomed to Hoi An by a stream of showers, but it remained her favourite place regardless. Take a brolly.

November is closer than you think; get in touch with our travel experts to plan your autumn trip to beautiful Vietnam.

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