Boats at Krabi


Krabi’s coastline is the stuff travel dreams are made of. Emerald vegetation clings to dramatic, gravity-defying cliffs, towering limestone pinnacles teeter precariously over the sea, and hundreds of little islands lie waiting to be explored — all in a sea that seems to glow from within with a turquoise light.

One of Thailand’s more prosperous provinces, Krabi has grown rich on the proceeds of palm, rubber and tourism industries, and yet it remains beautiful, laid-back, and packed with distinctive local colour. Its capital (also called Krabi) is a welcoming jumble of tourist-orientated businesses, riverfront parks and old-style markets — but the real attraction is the province’s coastline, which is a wonderland for those who want to balance relaxation with adventure.

Here, the powerfully rugged landscape has limited development, with villages, towns and resorts springing up in whatever nooks and pockets they can find amongst the cliffs. It’s a landscape built for adventures, with superb climbing opportunities (particularly at Railay Beach), endless possible day trips to caves, chedis (small temples) and waterfalls, kayaking excursions through vast mangrove forests, and diving trips to the underwater scenery off Ao Nang or Ko Phi-Phi.

Located on the western coast of Thailand’s southern spit, Krabi also benefits from a different beach season from its eastern counterparts, so it’s fabulous for sun, snorkelling and scuba conditions during the winter months.

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The largest and most popular of the Thai Islands has as many different personalities as it has beaches — and that’s quite a few! Pay no heed to those who say Phuket is past its prime: there are pockets of paradise here to compete with anywhere in the world.


Sandwiched between party-happy Ko Phi-Phi and laid-back Krabi, Ko Lanta is a tiny little drop of beach-fringed greenery in the middle of Thailand’s famous turquoise seas. If you’re looking for a low-key island retreat, this is it.

Khao Sok NP

Khao Sok National Park is the place to stay at a rafthouse lodge, to kayak on Thailand’s most beautiful lake, to follow your nose to meter-wide “corpse flowers”, and trek past whispering bamboo groves and hooting gibbons to remote wildlife sanctuaries.