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Your perfect honeymoon in Asia

Honeymoons in Asia come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t have to fit the typical romantic mold.

Perhaps you already know that you want the classic experience: rose petals, candlelight, and a luxury honeymoon resort sandwiched between pristine white sands and palm-fringed jungle. If that sounds about right, a Vietnam honeymoon will deliver. But perhaps you want something different. Perhaps, romance to you is sweating up Mount Kinabalu to look out over the world’s oldest rainforest at sunrise. Perhaps it’s soaking up history among the vine-strangled temples of Angkor, or escaping to a yacht in the glittering Andaman Sea. Asia has all that too – and much, much more.

We’ve curated some of our personal honeymoon highlights here, but this is really just the beginning. Get inspired, then get in touch we’ll design the perfect romantic retreat for you.

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What special things can you do to celebrate our honeymoon?

Where do we begin? We have a huge range of honeymoon ideas to recommend, and they’re not always what you’d expect! Sure, we can arrange the classics — candlelit beach dinners, sunset cruises and couples’ massages — but we can also have your marriage blessed in a traditional Lao baci ceremony, send you up in a hot-air balloon over Bagan’s temples, or arrange a picnic breakfast by Kuang Si Falls.

What if I’m planning to change my name?

You must travel on your name as per your passport. So, if your honeymoon is immediately after your wedding, you'll need to travel on your pre-married name. If there's a gap between your wedding & honeymoon and you plan to renew your passport in this time, let us know before you book so that we can book everything in the correct name.

What's the difference between a “honeymoon” and a “normal” itinerary?

Every single trip we design is unique to the client, so in theory there could be no difference at all. In practice, however, we tend to approach designing a honeymoon in a slightly different way from a normal vacation. For instance, we usually like to build in plenty of downtime to give you space to relax and soak up the atmosphere together. Similarly, we tend to avoid including sobering experiences such as war sites. There’s a time and place for that, but it’s probably not your honeymoon!

Beyond that, the differences will depend on you. Whether you choose to honeymoon in Vietnam or Borneo, we want to make it as special as possible. That means listening to you, learning what you like, and suggesting the honeymoon ideas we think will suit you best.

We're not a traditional “romance” couple, but we still want our honeymoon to be special. What can you do for us?

Not everybody is into rose petals and romantic flourishes! Asia does the ooey-gooey stuff well (think swan towels, chocolates and in-room champagne), but it also does a whole lot more, and we love finding unexpected ways to bring excitement to a honeymoon. Your idea of romance might be climbing to the top of Mount Kinabalu for sunrise, meeting elephants on a honeymoon in Myanmar, or ziplining through the forests of Laos — and that’s fantastic. We won’t make you stare into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner if you don’t want to. We promise.

Will my honeymoon cost a lot more than an ordinary vacation?

Most people want their honeymoon to feel more special than a normal vacation, and so we usually book accommodation that’s “superior” grade or above. Beyond that, however, there’s no reason why your honeymoon should be any more expensive than an ordinary trip. We don’t add a mark-up just because it’s a honeymoon, and if you’re keen to save money, we’d be more than happy to design something romantic on a smaller budget.

Which are the best honeymoon destinations in Asia?

That really depends on what you want to get from your honeymoon! Vietnam honeymoons are the most popular in Asia, with their winning combination of lovely beaches, delicious food and romantic Halong Bay cruises — but we all have our personal favorites to recommend. Malaysia and Cambodia have some fantastic beach resorts hidden away on their islands, while Borneo offers secluded rainforest retreats. In Laos, Luang Prabang or chilled-out Champasak would make a beautiful, tropical backdrop for a romantic getaway. Tell us about what you love, and we’ll recommend honeymoon ideas to suit you.

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