Cherry blossom along riverside in Tokyo

Our favourite Japan routes to inspire your trip - or contact us to start from scratch

Planning a trip to Japan isn’t like planning a trip to other countries in Asia. There are just so many options. So many hotels and inns, so many destinations, so many things you could do. It boggles the mind. That’s why we have a whole team dedicated to it at InsideJapan.

So, with all our countries, but especially with Japan, we urge you to think of us less as a department store and more as a tailor. Booking a holiday with us is a process, not a brief transaction. It’s got all the fun of coming up with your dream holiday, but with the peace of mind that we know exactly what works and how to make it happen. It's also tailored to you from start to finish, whether you like to be hands-on throughout or sit back and see what we come up with.

So, while you could book one of our sample routes straight off the shelf — we guarantee you won’t. These routes just a taste of what we can do (and you’ll find a LOT more on our sister brand’s website InsideJapan Tours). Let your imagination run wild, and then let us worry about how to make it happen. We’re ready when you are.

From A$6,210

In a country with 25 World Heritage Sites, why see anything but the best of the best?

From A$5,508
Food & Drink

Call us biased, but Japan has the best food in the world — and this trip has the best food in Japan.

From A$3,705

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Honed over years, this is the ultimate intro to Japan’s quintessential experiences.

From A$14,148

Action-packed and full of fun, this family holiday makes Japanese culture accessible for all ages.

From A$5,292

Get off the beaten path as you explore the art islands, hidden valleys, hot-spring towns and forest villages of Shikoku.

From A$4,788

Contrast big cities with even bigger mountains on a trip that proves your own two feet can take you anywhere.

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Our favourite places in Japan

Japan is over 6,000 islands spread along 3,000 kilometres of East Asian coast. Its landscapes range from subtropical jungle to snowcapped mountain, and its destinations range from tiny seaside fishing villages to the biggest city in the world.

Iconic or unknown, chaotic or peaceful, old-fashioned or hyper-modern: these are a few of our favourite places in Japan.

River and mountains in Kamikochi in summer
The InsideAsia team in Bristol

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