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For many, the word “cruise” brings to mind multi-storey liners and questionable on-board entertainment (that, or Top Gun). There’s a time and a place for both, but neither of those is the type of cruise we’re talking about here.

In Southeast Asia, river cruising is about getting beyond the main sites and into the remote hinterlands. It’s about soaking up riverside life on a Mekong Delta cruise, or taking a private charter cruise to palm-fringed, jewel-like islands that feel like no human has ever set foot there. It’s about river cruising to tiny jungle villages inaccessible by road, and discovering cultures untouched by mass tourism.

From overnight Halong Bay cruises to multi-day Mekong river cruises, below are just a few of our favourite waterborne adventures in Southeast Asia. Get in touch and we’ll weave together a cruising itinerary tailored to you.

Our top cruising itineraries

A selection of itineraries incorporating our favourite cruises

From A$4,130
Culture & History

Experience two unique but intertwined cultures as you cruise along the Mekong from northern Thailand to Laos.

From A$5,730
On the water

Linking two dramatically different cities, this cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia will introduce you to the joys of slow travel.

From A$24,037

If you’re looking for something extra-special, you’ve found it. This is the most luxurious trip Cambodia has to offer.

Top destinations for cruising

Our favourite places to take to the water

Northern Vietnam

Jungle-clad islands cloaked in atmospheric sea mist and 2,000 limestone pinnacles thrusting skywards: Halong Bay is indisputably one of Asia’s great landscapes.

Southern Vietnam

Buzzing with longtail taxi boats and crowded with barges piled with mangoes, pineapples and fresh fish, a Mekong Delta tour is all about getting to know the rhythms of life on the water.


It’s the views that make Pakbeng more than just a convenient stopover: this is part of one of Asia’s most stunning river journeys, with lush and verdant mountains rising either side of the broad, coffee-coloured waters of the Mekong.


Phnom Penh may no longer be the “Pearl of the Orient”, but don’t judge a book by its cover: beneath this chaotic exterior is a city alive with energy, art, and youthful verve.


Si Phan Don, or the 4,000 Islands, is landlocked Laos’s answer to the coast: laid-back, palm-fringed, and lush beyond belief, this riverine archipelago is the ultimate place to relax.


Luang Prabang is Laos’s Shangri-La: sweeping golden roofs and colonial shophouses against a lush backdrop of jungle-covered mountains, and a laid-back atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Cruising experiences

Our favourite cruise-based activities and excursions

Lower Mekong

From its source in the Tibetan Plateau to its delta in Vietnam, the Mekong has many different personalities.

Upper Mekong

Where the Lower Mekong is broad, slow, and pulsing with life, the Upper Mekong is faster, narrower, and altogether more remote.

Halong Bay

Every time we do it, cruising on Halong Bay feels almost magical – like we’ve accidentally sailed into a Vietnamese legend.

Popular questions

Things we're often asked...

Isn’t cruising a bit 'vanilla'?

Forget vast ocean liners the size of apartment blocks that turf thousands of people out into port towns. In Southeast Asia, cruising is about travelling by a country's waterways or exploring stunning bays, heading through areas that are only accessible by river, often in wild and remote corners that are far from the beaten path. Cruise itineraries typically include plenty of stops to visit villages, temples and islands, and will often include a programme of cultural lectures and demonstrations to help you better understand the places you’re visiting.

How big are the ships?

The cruises we recommend are those that take you away from touristed areas and into otherwise inaccessible parts of Asia. Boats will be traditional wooden riverboats (on rivers), yachts (on the sea), or Chinese-style junks (at Halong & Lan Ha Bay). Sizes range from five to about 30 cabins, depending on the route and vessel.

What’s the food like on a cruise?

All meals are included while you cruise, and ships vary in their offerings from informal buffets to top-of-the-range fine dining — though we’ll never recommend a cruise where the food isn’t delicious! At both ends of the spectrum, expect a range of local dishes, as well as the occasional Western classic. Ships can cater to dietary requirements with prior notice.

When is the best time of year for a cruise?

Cruising is highly season-dependent, and the best time to go depends on which cruise you’re looking at. In Vietnam, Halong and Lan Ha Bay (in the north) and the Mekong Delta (in the south) cruises run throughout the year. River vessels, by contrast, have very fixed schedules. Some routes can run year-round, with tweaks between the high and low water seasons, but some run during the high water season alone. If you’re interested in including a cruise in your itinerary, chat to your consultant and they’ll be able to discuss specific dates.

How long are the cruises?

Cruises can vary from overnight (in Halong and Lan Ha Bay or the Mekong Delta, for instance) to much longer, multi-day routes. The classic Mekong cruise from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap takes seven nights, and some of the expedition cruising in Laos and Myanmar can run to 14 nights. Most cruising areas have a good range of shorter and longer cruises, and we can advise you on the best boats and itineraries for your particular needs.

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