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Southern Cardamom National Park

Just three hours from Phnom Penh lies the 1 million-acre wilderness and wildlife haven of the Southern Cardamom National Park.

Southern Cardamom National Park Map

Cambodia's newest National Park, only gaining its status in 2016, the Southern Cardamom National Park is also one of its largest. The now permanently-protected 1,014,100-acre park is the final critical centrepiece that connects six major national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to form a massive contiguous mega-protected area spanning a total of 4,491,115 acres, providing a permanent sanctuary for Cambodia's endangered wildlife.

The Southern Cardamoms are a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot boasting 28 IUCN Red-Listed wildlife species and over 2,000 plant species. Though the area hosts a fantastic wealth of flora and fauna, much of its wildlife is endangered. In total, 27 species found in the Cardamom Range are imperilled with extinction, including Asian Elephants and Pileated Gibbons.

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