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Cycling at Angkor

Exploring the Angkor temple complex by bike is the perfect way to escape the crowds and enjoy the atmosphere of these ancient Khmer ruins.

The Angkor complex is magnificent, but it can get pretty crowded - and this can sometimes take the thrill out of the experience. Renting a bicycle allows you to zip past the crowds, riding along totally flat roads to the outer reaches of the complex. You'll be able to cover much more ground than you would on foot, and you'll have more freedom of movement than you would in a tuk tuk - allowing you to really get off the paths and discover your own quiet corners.

As well as making your own discoveries, you'll no doubt want to include the park's most famous monuments: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, the giant faces of the Bayon Temple and the root-entangled Ta Prohm Temple. These sites are all clustered relatively close together, so you shouldn't have trouble navigating between them. We recommend leaving Angkor Wat until last, as many itineraries head there first - meaning that it's more crowded in the morning.

Though it's usually a fantastic experience, even the most seasoned cyclists might want to give this a miss in scorching April - when it's just a little too hot to pedal.

When to go:

Cycling at Angkor

located in Siem Reap

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