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Trekking in the Sapa region

Beginning at Sapa, head out into the northern highlands of Vietnam to discover the region's spectacular scenery and diverse indigenous cultures.

Sapa is famous for two things: its beautiful scenery and its many colourful local cultures. Forests and rice paddies climb the mountainsides, valleys lie shrouded in mist, and the villages of over eight distinct ethnic groups (a population of over 30,000) are hidden throughout the hills.

Though the town of Sapa itself has become rather heavily touristed in recent years, head out into the surrounding hills and there are some fantastic short and long trekking options available. With the help of local guides, you can visit markets, meet the locals, and learn to identify the different ethnic groups by their distinctive and beautiful traditional costumes. If you opt for overnight trekking you'll also have the opportunity to stay in the home of a local family, getting to know their customs and way of life as a guest.

Whether you opt for a short trek or a multi-day hike, you'll have the stunning mountains and forests of northern Vietnam as your backdrop - and views don't come much more impressive than this.

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Trekking in the Sapa region

located in Sapa

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