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Walking with elephants in Mondulkiri

Walking with elephants in Mondulkiri

A visit to the excellent Mondulkiri Project in the remote Cambodian countryside helps to support conservation of these incredible animals.

The Mondulkiri Project in remote eastern Cambodia was established to raise funds through tourism both to provide a secure retirement for old working elephants, and to help to protect the natural environment in which Cambodia's dwindling population of wild elephants remain.

The elephants at the sanctuary spend all their time in a protected forest - they are retired from heavy farm and logging work and do not give rides to tourists. On the project's programme of elephant adventure and jungle trekking tours you'll have a chance to feed, touch and wash the elephants, and accompany them on a walk through the forest.

The Mondulkiri Project's approach and their commitment to making the elephant's welfare their number one priority means the project is a true sanctuary where the animals can retire in peace. Their dedication to animal welfare makes Mondulkiri our number one elephant experience in the region.

The quality of their work has also been applauded by the Mahouts Elephants Foundation who have recognised their approach as truly welfare focused. So if you want to support happy elephants enjoying their habitat, Mondulkiri is the elephant experience for you. 


Walking with elephants in Mondulkiri

located in Mondulkiri

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