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Free The Bears at Phnom Tamao

Visit bears that have been rescued from a variety of situations and are now being rehabilitated at the Phnom Tamao sanctuary.

The Free the Bears Sanctuary is currently home to 114 sun bears and Asiatic black bears, among others, who have been rescued from poachers, restaurants and the illegal pet trade. These bears are native to Cambodia and currently on the endangered species list, but have found new homes in the sanctuary, which has been open since 1997.

The Free the Bears Sanctuary is housed at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre, where all sorts of rescued animals are looked after - from lions and tigers to elephants, monkeys, snakes, deer, birds and crocodiles. Wherever possible, the centre aims to rehabilitate and release the animals into the wild, but for many of its residents all the shelter can do is provide a safe, peaceful place for them to live out the remainder of their lives.

Those who dislike seeing animals in enclosures might not enjoy a visit to Phnom Tamao, but visitors should remember that the centre is doing vital work for the conservation of rare animals across Cambodia, and your support will help rescue other animals from suffering.

Free The Bears at Phnom Tamao

located in Phnom Penh

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