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Farming and fishing in Hoi An

Learn about traditional aspects of Vietnamese life as you learn to fish and farm like the locals.

All over the world, young people are leaving rural areas to find work in the big cities - and Vietnam is no exception to the rule. Yet people still need to eat, and it's vital that fishing and farming techniques are not abandoned.

On this rural adventure in the countryside outside Hoi An, you'll learn about rural Vietnamese life while trying your hand at gardening, weaving palm leaves, casting fishing nets, rowing a tub boat and even riding a water buffalo through a rice paddy!

We can arrange these experiences in a number of places across Vietnam, but our favourites are arranged by the locally owned and run Hoi An Eco-Tours, who are dedicated to bringing traditional farming and fishing techniques to life in a fun and hands-on manner.

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Farming and fishing in Hoi An

located in Hoi An

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