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Ben Thanh market challenge

Discover Ho Chi Minh City’s eclectic Ben Thanh Market in the style of a traditional treasure hunt!

Ben Thanh Market, at the heart of the city, is one of Saigon's busiest and most scintillating areas. Packed with exotic food, local essentials and a healthy dose of tourist tat - it's a hub for Saigonese shoppers, but it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. That's where the Ben Thanh Market Challenge comes in!

Meet up with your guide at the beginning of the challenge for a brief introduction to the winding alleys of the market. You'll be given an "itinerary" for the challenge, and depending on the size of your group you'll split up into teams. Your challenges will comprise a mixture of tricky tasks and fiendish puzzles that will require you to thoroughly explore the market and interact with the people you meet.

Find the missing words from a local recipe; buy fruits of different colours (and remember their Vietnamese names); take photos of different souvenirs representing north, south and central Vietnam: this challenge will give you a crash course in the sights, smells and tastes of Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of the challenge, you'll reconvene with your guide and the other teams to swap adventure stories and crown the winners.

This is the perfect experience for anyone with a yen for games, and makes a fantastic addition to a family holiday.

Ben Thanh market challenge

located in Ho Chi Minh City

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