Inside Asia Tours: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

InsideAsia Tours Testimonials

At InsideAsia Tours we work with a wide range of independent, small and socially conscious guides, accommodation and experiences. This helps our customers to have a varied and memorable experience while also helping the people living in the area as the money they spend goes directly to the locals.

We spoke to a few of the people we work with to show you a couple of examples of what we're like, so please see what they had to say below...

  • Navutu Dreams Resort – Siem Reap, Cambodia

    The Navutu dreams in a spa accommodation located on the outskirts of Siem Reap, just 12 kilometres south of the Angkor Wat temples. As well as being a comfortable place to stay they offer a selection of massages and treatments which allow guests to de-stress and de-toxify.

    "In the three years since we opened we have really enjoyed the cultural exchanges we have created between our guests and our staff. As well as experiencing the rich tangible and intangible heritage of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat we enjoy showing guests from overseas the warmth and sincerity of Cambodian hospitality.

    As an area with limited industry and few local employment opportunities, the regular flow of guests really benefits the local economy. Having tourists come and stay with us allows us to employ people from the local area and pay them a good wage.

    To further help the local area we support the work of the Angkor Hospital for Children and the NGO Everthing's Gonna Be Okay who organise hospitality training for underprivileged young adults to help with their development.
    We look forward to welcoming more guests and showing them Cambodia's history, culture and hospitality."

  • Topas Eco lodge Sa Pa, Vietnam

    As well as offering a secluded stay in rustic stone walled rooms on the hills overlooking Sa Pa, the Topas Eco lodge also arrange cycling and hiking trips in the surrounding area. Visiting this remote lodge highlights the contrast between the lives of people living in the central cities and those in the northern mountains.

    "As an eco-resort we strive to limit our impact on the beautiful countryside around ourselves and the planet as a whole. We use renewable energy, and work hard to limit our waste. But as well as protecting the environment we work hard to improve the social welfare of the local people.

    When guests stay with us they will have a chance to meet and naturally spend time with some of the local ethnic minorities. Over 100 of our staff come from these groups and we're happy to say that offering this employment helps them to improve their quality of life.

    As well as the guests who visit us having a direct economic benefit in the area, the thing we are most proud of is the cultural exchanges people's visits spark. We love to bring cultures together while people explore the Hoang Lien National Park with the local people."

  • Tam Coc Garden Resort – Ninh Binh – Vietnam

    Tam Coc Gardens is a collection of eight simply designed bungalows surrounded by rice paddies and limestone peaks to the south of Ninh Binh.

    "We have been welcoming international guests for two and a half years and since then have enjoyed sharing traditional Asian culture with those who stay with us.

    As well as offering sustainable jobs and increased incomes for the many local villagers we employ, their eyes have also been opened. Most of the people who work here haven't left the local areas and only knew of their home towns, but by having the opportunity to meet guests from far and wide they have been able to discover new cultures and a knowledge of the world.

    We also enjoy being able to return the favour as our guests can see the work the villagers do in the local farms, and watch them make the handicraft products we sell on site to supplement local incomes.

    Since we started many of the local people have been able to improve their careers opportunities and learn more about the tourism industry. We hope to be able to continue to receive international guests and help the local area and its people grow."