Inside Asia Tours: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

InsideAsia Tours Sustainable Tourism

We are committed to including the principles of sustainable tourism in everything we do, working hard to protect the environment, economy and cultures of all our destinations. We extend the same efforts to the areas in which our offices are located.

  • What we do

    Throughout all of our destinations in Southeast Asia we encourage our clients to engage in community-based travel. This gives our clients the opportunity to spend time with local communities, learning about their lives and the traditional and changing practices of the countries they're visiting. This also gives them the chance to support the more remote and poorer communities, as well as the economies of the country they are visiting as a whole.

  • All of the staff working on the ground to coordinate and facilitate our trips are offered extensive training and an annual capacity building programme. This allows them to develop skills needed for their jobs, and improve their personal development. They are all paid above the local standards, providing them with greater opportunities, and ensuring that they stay with us and keep offering our customers the best possible experience.

  • Plastic consumption and waste, especially in Asian countries, is leading to a worldwide environmental problem on both land and in our oceans. Travelling in Southeast Asia, where tap water is generally unsafe to drink, leads people to consume water from an uncountable number of small plastic bottles, of which only a small proportion are recycled and most ending up in landfill sites or working their ways into rivers and oceans. This is why we have taken the initiative to offer our clients refillable water bottles which can be used throughout their journeys and have partnered with a large number of local organisations to offer refill stations as well as being able to refill their water from much larger bottles while on tour, which are then reused and refilled with clean filtered water. 

    We are pleased to offer this for all of our guests in Vietnam, and are trialling it in both Cambodia, Laos. In Myanmar we have gone one further: all clients receive a 'plastic reduction kit' on arrival which includes a refillable water bottle, a bamboo straw and traditional Karen material bag to help minimise single use plastics and to reduce our impact on visiting this astonishing destination. 

  • Since 2015, all of our trips in Vietnam, and the majority of our trips in Cambodia and Laos, are Travelife Certified; an award recognised by the Global Sustainability Council. Travelife is the most comprehensive certification scheme for tour operators, with operations being assessed against 249 indicators.

    As well as auditing existing practices, Travelife give guidance and help to support future developments ensuring that all progress is towards a sustainable goal. So clients can rest assured that our trips operate to the highest of sustainability standards, ensuring that the money they spend helps the growth of these developing countries, and that the environment and cultural heritage is protected at every stage.

  • Our future plans

    One of our next key steps is to increase the tips, hints and advice we give to our clients to help them to be more sustainable when on holiday. We are also planning to supply customers with products to help them with this goal, and are working on formalising our animal welfare policy. Although we already ensure all of the animal-related trips and excursions we offer are respectful and don't endanger animal welfare, we are working to formalise the way in which we assess and select any trips involving animals.

    We are looking to increase the amount of local restaurants we recommend to customers, so they can have interesting, unique and good-quality experiences, while benefitting local businesses and the local economy.

    Our customers can rest assured that all of our trips through Southeast Asia maintain high standards and protect the local economy, environment and cultures, and that we are committed to continuing to do so.