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Wednesday, 20th April 2016

Top things to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is not one of the headline destinations in Vietnam that everyone has heard of, but despite this there is still plenty to do and see. With the coast on one side and the mountains on the other, the potential for adventure is right there, waiting to be explored.

Make the most of the coast

Nha Trang’s main beach is popular, but it’s not difficult to find other alternatives, with Bai Dai Beach close by. Here you will find six miles of sandy paradise, complete with a few small cafes and restaurants serving up the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted.

While stretching out on the white sand of one of Nha Trang’s many beaches is tempting, there are other options for the more active traveller. Dip beneath the waves with a scuba or snorkelling trip. Head a little offshore to one of the islands and see all the colours of the incredible species that call the South China Sea home.

If you don’t fancy getting your feet wet, you can take a boat trip around the islands to get more of a view of this stunning part of the world. Excursions often include a delicious lunchtime banquet, but sunset cruises with cocktails are another tempting option.

View the city from Long Son Pagoda

Those who climb the 152 stone steps up to the Long Son Pagoda will be rewarded with stunning views out over Nha Trang. Despite having been constructed in the 19th century, the site has become synonymous with the Buddhist monks that set themselves on fire to protest against the Diem government in 1963. Busts of Thich Quang Duc and the six others who took part in the protest can be seen surrounding the large white seated Buddha behind the pagoda.

Indulge your foodie side at Cho Dam Market

Walk along Tran Phuc, the street that runs parallel to the beach and take a left into the city to reach Cho Dam Market. This open air collection of stalls is the biggest in Nha Trang and sells absolutely everything, but it’s the food you should visit for. From the brightly coloured fresh fruit and veg to the catch of the day, you’ll find all manner of ingredients to get your creative juices flowing.

Get your science on

There are a couple of attractions in Nha Trang that celebrate scientific discoveries and the natural world. The first is the Alexandre Yersin Museum, which looks at the life and work of the 19th-century Swiss scientist who came to Vietnam to study sick animals and eventually created an important serum.

Another option is the National Oceanographic Museum, where there are tanks of marine life with descriptions about their habitat. Also in the museum are stuffed birds that would have lived by the seashore. It is a great wet weather option.

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