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Tuesday, 2nd February 2016

4 museums you can't miss out on in Vietnam

Great weather, friendly people and fascinating culture helps to make Vietnam a must-see travel destination, but it can be hard to fit everything you want to see into one holiday. 

After all, it is really difficult to leave stunning beaches like Mui Ne and Phan Thiet and Vietnam’s markets can take hours out of your day. To make sure you get the most out of your trip, you should try to be as organised as possible and come up with a unique plan for each day and your getaway should definitely include visits to some of the country’s top museums. 

Here are four of Vietnam’s best: 

1. The War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3 region and boasts an extraordinary range of artefacts from the Vietnam War. The museum is operated by the Vietnamese government and consists of several themed rooms, focusing on a number of monuments from the war. 

Along with military equipment, there are cages that were used to keep political prisoners and a range of photography from the period, including a display from Vietnam War photojournalist Bunyo Ishikawa. 

There is also the Requiem Exhibition upstairs, which was compiled by war photographer Tim Page and features pieces from renowned photojournalists Larry Burrows and Robert Capa. 

2. Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is the best place to visit in order to gain an insight into the history of art and culture in the country from ancient times to the 20th century. 

Located in Hanoi, there is a range of sculptures, paintings and statues from the country’s diverse past, allowing tourists to understand the roots of Vietnam’s modern-day society. Some of the most popular pieces include effigies of Guan Yin, the goddess of compassion and statues of Buddhist monks from the Tay Son dynasty. 

Tours are also available for those who want to learn even more about the country’s compelling history. 

3. National Museum of Vietnamese History 

Consisting of two buildings in Hanoi - one for ancient history and another focused on more modern times - The National Museum of Vietnamese History has plenty to offer travellers looking to learn more about the fascinating country. 

One of the most popular pieces here is the Dong Son exhibition, which includes artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age (700-500 BC). The museum boasts several authentic Dong Son drums, which were a symbolic part of the culture and used to summon tribe warriors in times of war. 

There are also a number of interactive artworks and an audio guide available to help tourists gain a deeper understanding of the pieces. 

4. Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture 

This museum is focused on the Chams, southeast Asian group that make up a substantial part of Vietnam’s population. The culture’s history goes back centuries and the artworks here perfectly illustrate its wonderful art and fascinating past. 

There are several breathtaking statues here celebrating the Ramayana and Hindu gods and goddesses. Cham culture is truly unique and, even if you are unaware of it, the guided tours available here will be able to shed some light on its storied history.

What’s more, there is a souvenir shop on-site if you want a memento from your visit!