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Friday, 22nd January 2016

4 key tips for a perfect Cambodia trek

In Cambodia, there are a number of extraordinary trails for travellers to explore and, no matter what your ability is, there is sure to be something that will be suitable. 

Whether you’re an experienced trekker or a beginner, there are a number of key tips that will help to make your journey into the country’s exotic surroundings easier and more comfortable. 

Even if you have experience of hiking in the UK, Cambodia is an entirely different experience and travellers need to be aware of what they must do to stay safe and nourished in the country’s hot climate. 

Here are four key pieces of advice to ensure your hikes are as enjoyable as possible:

1. Keep stocked up with water and sun lotion

Water is absolutely crucial for travellers looking to explore the Cambodian wilderness and, while packing water may seem like common sense, it is vital that visitors keep enough of it to keep them going through their journey. 

The temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees which, when you are hiking through the dense jungle surrounding Angkor Thom, can quickly lead to dehydration and exhaustion. 

With high humidity levels and lots of sun, walkers are particularly vulnerable to sunburn. Quite often, travellers may not even realise they are burnt until the end of the day, so it is key for visitors to apply sun lotion at the start of the day and top it up regularly, paying particular attention to their neck and face, where it is easy to catch the sun. 

2.  Dress appropriately 

If you’re an experienced hiker, you will be well aware of what you need to wear in order to stay comfortable, but your outfit will differ in the Cambodian heat. 

As well as the humidity, travellers need to be aware of the risks posed by insects in the jungle. Make sure leech socks are worn and strong mosquito repellent is carried with you at all times.  

Boots are also absolutely vital, especially due to the potential storms that can take place in Cambodia’s jungles. Normal trainers will be ruined in the forest’s deep puddles, while boots will be more than capable of handling the tough conditions.

3. Take plenty of photos

A trek through the Cambodian wild is an adventure to be treasured. Moving into the jungle environment presents a rapid change in scenery and atmosphere that can only be seen to be believed. 

Such is the beauty of areas such as Angkor Wat, travellers have dozens of photo opportunities to help them remember their travels. Even though your memories are likely to last a lifetime, photos will offer a constant reminder of Cambodia’s natural beauty.

4.  Plan ahead properly

Before you venture into majestic locations such as Tanop Forest, it is key that you are properly prepared for all that awaits you on your journey. Be sure of your route and the time you need to give yourself to complete the trek. Experienced guides will be able to help you with this.

Make sure you identify when you will stop to eat, too, and keep yourself well nourished. If you have a definite plan of your travels, you will not have to worry about the dangers of the jungle and, instead, you can focus on enjoying your time in the gorgeous Cambodian environment. 

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