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Tuesday, 5th January 2016

Top 5 desserts to try in Vietnam

As one of the most desirable destinations for travellers in the world, Vietnam has always had a glowing reputation for its excellent food options, with restaurants producing some of the freshest and most flavoursome meals known worldwide. 

However, while the country’s savoury dishes are well regarded among travellers, there is little talk about the delightful desserts available in the country. With mouthwatering and unique treats such as Che and Rau cau, travellers are bound to find a new favourite dish to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Here are five Vietnamese desserts that everyone should try during their time in the gorgeous country. 

1. Che

Che is a soup-like treat you may never have tasted before. Made with coconuts, tapioca, rice and kidney beans, the dessert's taste is just as varied as its ingredients.  

You can even add tropical fruits and jellies to make your treat extra tasty. How Che is presented will vary, too, as it can be made as either a soup or a pudding and can be served either hot or cold. 

There are various kinds of Che available in Vitenam, ranging from Che ba mau, which is made with mung beans and black-eyed beans to Che dau ngu, an imperial dish that contains moon beans. Chances are, you won’t have sampled any of them, so why not give them a try?

2.  Banh Dua Ca Ra Men (Caramel flan)

Banh Dua Ca Ra Men is a distinctly Vietnamese take on the popular caramel flan. The delicious blend of coconut milk and caramel makes for a tasty dessert with added fruit flavour.

These can be made either as one large flan or several smaller ones, depending on where you visit. Regardless of the size, you can expect the same sweet flavour and you can often add custard to make the dish even more irresistible!

3. Mooncakes 

Mooncakes are one of the most popular desserts in Vietnam due to their great taste and are often eaten in small wedges alongside tea. 

Moon cakes are usually available in two different styles: baked mooncakes and sticky rice mooncakes. The former is made of wheat, jam, mung bean paste and watermelon seed among other ingredients, while the latter is a delectable mix of rice flour, vanilla and syrup. 

4. Bananas in coconut cream

Fruit always makes for great desserts and in Vietnam it is no different, with bananas and coconut cream one of the most popular dishes in the country. 

This is a straightforward recipe that you can even whip up in England in a few minutes, but you’ll find it more commonly on Vietnam’s dessert menus. It’s perfect for an after-dinner treat or a mid-morning snack and could give your energy a big boost on those long days of exploring. 

5. Che Ba Mau (Rainbow Drink)

With a name like Rainbow Drink, you know you can expect this one to be colourful. Made up of mung beans, kidney beans and agar-agar, its ingredients are as unique as its colourful appearance. 

To give this treat an extra sweet touch, green jellies and coconut sauce are often thrown on top to provide a real variety of flavours and offer a dessert that travellers certainly won’t forget about!

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