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Friday, 11th December 2015

Asia?s best beaches, according to Wanderlust

Inspiring travel magazine, Wanderlust, has just compiled a list of the best beaches in Asia for various different activities. Among those featured are a few we’re familiar with and we couldn’t agree more with the assessment. Here’s what the publication said about some of our favourites.

Hai Pai, Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

It is difficult to overstate how stunning the karst landscapes of Halong Bay actually are, but this beach on the southern adjunct of the area sees far fewer tourists. Still part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approved list, it’s just that little bit quieter.

Wanderlust suggests visitors come here for the rocks and we couldn’t agree more. With the waters off the east of Cat Ba Island where this beach is located being home to some 300 outcrops, it’s certainly spectacular. Be sure to dip beneath the waves too, as the coral in this part of the world supports myriad beautiful fish.

Koh Thmei, Ream National Park, Cambodia

The Ream National Park is stretched across two islands in southern Cambodia and has everything from mountains to mangroves and coastal forest to coral reefs. Koh Thmei is therefore the perfect place to combine a beach escape with bird watching. After all, such diverse habitats all in close proximity to each other are bound to attract our feathered friends.

Take a boat from Koh Kchhang, a fishing village on the mainland, and you will find that after an hour you arrive in this paradise. There’s just one accommodation option on Koh Thmei, so expect to get little interruption from human visitors. You’re more likely to be disturbed by a grey-headed fish eagle, a white-bellied sea eagle or a Brahminy kite, as they are just some of the 150 species that live in the national park.

Spending some time on the beach is also as a necessity. Enjoy the sand beneath your toes and watch the dolphins play offshore. Or search the many shells to find the perfect specimen and explore more of the coastline on a snorkelling excursion.

Mui Ne, Southeast Vietnam

If you want a sandy beach, then you’ve come to the right place with Mui Ne. Around 200 kilometres east of Ho Chi Minh City, this beach boasts sand that seemingly goes on forever. Visitors could be forgiven for thinking they had been transported to the Sahara, as the sand dunes here are of epic proportions.

A small fishing village sits at the eastern end of a 12-kilometre bay, which curves in the most pleasing of manners. Here, life is peaceful and there is nothing better than sitting and looking out across the South China Sea.

For something a little more energetic, take advantage of the incredible dunes and partake in a little sand boarding. The so-called White Dunes are best for this, but you’re bound to be snapping around at the particularly photogenic Red ones. Between August and December is surfing season in this part of the world and the kitesurfers come out in force from October to April.

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