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Koh Kong wildlife release station

Koh Kong wildlife release station

Forget seeing exotic animals in cramped and depressing zoos – at the Koh Kong Wildlife Release Station you'll see the reverse in action.

Offering you an exclusive chance to escape into one of Southeast Asia's largest contiguous jungle tracts, the Wildlife Alliance leads visitors deep into the Cardamom Mountains along former logging trails to reach their release station, where animals are restored to the wild after rehabilitation.

The Cardamom Mountains have so far escaped development through the combined efforts of the Rainforest Trust, the Wildlife Alliance, and their local partners - who have set up ranger patrols, cleared land mines, and fought off proposals for large-scale industrial plantations. The region was declared a national park in 2016 - connecting six existing parks to create one vast, 4.5 million acres of protected land.

This amazing region is one of the last remaining wildlife corridors for a huge wealth of animals - including endangered species such as Asian elephants, Indochinese tigers, clouded leopards, Asiatic black bears, and many more. 27 of the region's known species are currently under threat of extinction, and many more are thought to remain undiscovered.

The animals you'll meet at the release station include sun bears, monkeys and birds, and have all been rescued from the wildlife trafficking trade. You'll help feed these temporary residents, prepare food for newly released animals who are still receiving supplementary food, track radio-collared wildlife, and check camera traps - an exciting event that can reveal images wild leopard cats, slow loris, binturongs and deer.

Besides helping out at the centre, you'll have plenty of chances to walk in the rainforest, learn about the local flora and fauna and swim in the nearby river, before spending the night in a thatched chalet surrounded by the sounds of the jungle.

Koh Kong wildlife release station

located in Koh Kong

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