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Irrawaddy dolphin spotting

Irrawaddy dolphin spotting

Get out on the mighty Mekong in search of the elusive and highly endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin.

One of our favourite wildlife experiences, this adventure takes you to the Mekong River, near the village of Kampi, just north of the town of Kratie in Cambodia.

The Irrawaddy river dolphin is one of the most endangered species in the region, and is found now only in very small populations in a couple of locations on the Mekong. Local conservationists have teamed up with fisherman to offer low-volume dolphin spotting tours, helping both to supplement local incomes and motivate the conservation of these incredibly rare mammals amongst the local community.

Sightings are by no means guaranteed, but whether you are fortunate enough to spot the dolphins or not, you'll learn plenty of interesting background about these creatures from your guide, and have a very pleasant boat trip on the water.

Irrawaddy dolphin spotting

located in Kratie

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