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Meet the elephants in Sayaboury

For elephant lovers, a stay at Sayaboury's Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) is a fantastic experience.

The old name for Laos, Lan Xang, means 'land of a million elephants' but sadly there are only around 1,600 elephants in Laos today. Of these, roughly a thousand are wild, while the others are domesticated elephants often made to work in the illegal logging trade.

Many factors have influenced the decline in elephant numbers, including deforestation, poaching, increasing urban spread and the destruction of migratory routes for the elephants, and if this continues, it's believed the elephant population of Laos will disappear completely by 2060.

Supported by the non-profit elephant protection charity ElefantAsia, the ECC is working hard to support Laos's declining elephant population. As well as being home to several retired working elephants, the centre runs a drop-in veterinary centre, provides employment, training and English lessons for local mahouts and their families, and is home to an elephant museum where visitors can learn about elephant conservation in Laos.

Meet the elephants in Sayaboury

located in Sayaboury

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